Grade 9 Student na Inabandona ng Tatay, Pinasaya ni Idol Raffy

In a broken family, the casualty is always the children. They are torn between their warring mother and father and at the end of the day, they are the ones who have to pay for it. This is exactly what Ezyla Grace is experiencing.

Ezyla is a Grade Nine student this year. At this important time of her life, she should be supported by her parents. Unfortunately, Ezyla finds herself torn between her parents, who are now separated.

Earlier this month, Ezyla, together with her mother Marilyn Mahinay, came all the way from Nueva Ecija to seek help from Raffy Tulfo. During the program, Ezyla claimed that her estranged father Melvin refuses to support her.

Since her father wouldn't help her, Raffy Tulfo decided to step up. The kindhearted host offered to pay for Ezyla's back to school things. In addition to that, Raffy Tulfo also promised a fun-filled day so Ezyla and her family can bond.

Of course, the "Action Man" followed up with his promise. Three days after Ezyla and her mother went to the studio, Raffy Tulfo's staff went to fetch them personally. At first, they went to several stores to buy Ezyla's school supplies and uniform.

In addition to that, Raffy also followed up with his promise to take them out. After buying their school supplies, the staff accompanied the entire family so they can have a fun-filled day at the mall! Watch the video below:

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Grade 9 Student na Inabandona ng Tatay, Pinasaya ni Idol Raffy Grade 9 Student na Inabandona ng Tatay, Pinasaya ni Idol Raffy Reviewed by pinoy patrol on 9:30 PM Rating: 5
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